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  • In order to access the private server and thus participate in the Cup, the YUNITE tool will be used. We ask you to be punctual and ready to carry out the procedure to enter the queue thanks to YUNITE when we open access to the server as the private server will remain open for only 5 minutes from the communication of the opening of the lobby: who will not be able to enter game will have lost a game useful to accumulate points. (The matches will take place in PUBLIC SOLO, Server ME) .You can stream, in the title of the twitch livestream, the name of the competition must be present: "Battle+ Grim Gate Tournament". It is recommended to insert a live delay, Skillpro does not assume responsibility for possible streamsniping by third parties.

  • -In these Qualifiers you can play MAXIMUM 5 GAMES, where you can accumulate points based on your positioning and the kills you will do, but only YOUR 4 BEST GAMES will be counted, in the sense that if you play all 5 games, the 4 best games will be automatically taken. To allow everyone to play the largest number of games available, games will be created at regular intervals of about 10 minutes, but you will be able to play a maximum of 5, after Yunite will no longer allow you to access the game. The points distribution is the same adopted in the official Epic Games FORTNITE SOLO CASH CUP competitions (available at the following link: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/competitive/en-US/news/fortnite-cash-cup-hype-cup-chapter-3-season-1-official-rules) and as reported.

    -Eliminations: 1 Point (max 15 points from eliminations for each game) -Victory Royale: 30 points
    -2nd: 25 points
    -3rd: 22 points
    -4th: 20 points
    -5th: 19 points
    -6th: 17 points
    -7th: 16 points
    -9th: 14 points
    -10th: 13 points
    -11th - 15th: 11 points
    -16th - 20th: 9 points
    -21st - 25th: 7 points
    -26th - 30th: 5 points
    -31st - 35th: 4 points
    -36th - 40th: 3 points
    -41st - 50th: 2 points
    -51st - 75th: 1 point
    (The placement points are NOT cumulative, those displayed are already the points you will earn if you end up in that position) In case of a draw (same number of points) the following statistics will be given priority as shown below:
    1) Total wins
    2) Average eliminations per game
    3) Average positioning
    4) Average surviving seconds per match

  • All pc players MUST follow one of the following scoring methods: 1) The Yunite client is available at https://yunite.xyz/client along with some explanations on how to download and run it. In fact, just install it on your PC and keep it active during the competition to make sure that Yunite automatically records your data for each match played without having to send replays.
    2) ONLY In case you do not want to install the Yunite Client, at the end of each game (THIS MEANS THAT EVERY TIME YOU FINISH A GAME YOU MUST DO AS DESCRIBED MORE FORWARD) every PC player have to upload the Replay of the game just played through this link: https://yunite.xyz/replays ; just open the link displayed and drag the Replay file into the indicated box (if you do not know where to find the replay file, simply watch the video in the link of this section).

  • 1° 300$ Amazon Gift Card
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    3° 50$ Amazon Gift Card


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