Play & Play is a brand new esport platform developed for the VAS industry. Users can watch exclusive videos, play tournaments or complete some challenges to earn rewards. Videos will be available after subscription and will feature talk shows, news, funny moments and esport courses (teaching the basis from various videogames).

Split Screen

Split Screen, hosted by Alessandro Del Piero, is a unique webserie in which 20 superstars of the esport world, like world champions, commentators or entrepreneur, will meet the worldwide soccer legends in a Talk show about the world of sport and gaming.

Pop Culture Ranter

Famous Italian content creator and influencer Marco Merrino is telling us in a funny way which aspects of the Pop Culture he hates the most. Pop Culture Ranter is all dubbed in English by the author himself and will give laughs and energies to viewers!

Top Esport Moment

Which are the best “goals” in the world of esports and videogame tournaments? Which are the moment that can seen as the flagship in skills by an entire movement? Top Esports Moment is the webserie that will answers these questions!