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Normal Battle
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11:00:00 -04:00
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tournament details

info & rules

  • TAG: #2CCYYUP2
    PASSWORD: igt2004

  • To open a ticket just go to the profile section and then click on support! Respect Admins and other participants: if harmful behavior is reported, you will be removed from the tournament.
    Please be on time for registration: once the registration phase is over, you will not be able to register for the tournament.
    Registration will be closed 10 minutes before tournament start.
    You must be properly registered for the event on PlayAndPlay platform in order to participate and to claim the prize if you win.
    Clash Royale Username and TAG must match those on your game account, mismatched data will not allow you to claim prizes. You can only play in this tournament if your registered and in-game names match, otherwise you will be disqualified.
    Each player is responsible for his own connection and must have a good internet connection to avoid possible "lags".
    Complaints about losing a match incorrectly after a match cannot be taken into account in the final result of a match. If there is any reason to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules, report it to the administrator before your opponent has taken advantage of the problem.

  • This tournament will be played via the "Tournaments Mode” on Clash Royale. To find and join the tournament on Clash Royale app, click on the 3 dashes in the upper right corner (below the gems count) and select "Tournaments": TAG and Password of the tournament will be announced on the PlayAndPlay site about an hour before the tournament starts. NOTE 1: If you do not log into the tournament on Clash Royale app you will not be able to play this event. NOTE 2: You have to write Tournament TAG on search bar in this way in order to fine the tournament es. #2C82QYPD (all CAPITAL preceded by the symbol "#") The tournament will start exactly at the time shown on this platform.
    Tournament Settings
    Game mode: Normal Battle
    Duration: 1 Hour
    Cards Level Cap: 11
    Max Losses: None
    You will be able to play matches throughout the duration of the tournament. The final ranking is the one shown on Clash Royale app and on the PlayAndPlay platform once the time to play matches has expired.

  • Transfer data from the lobby to someone.
    Sign up for the tournament from two or more accounts.
    Log in to the lobby from two or more accounts.
    Enter the lobby without being registered on the tournament in PlayAndPlay platform.
    Violation of any of the rules entails the blocking of the account on the platform.

  • 1st Position: 150$ Amazon gift card
    2nd Position: 80$ Amazon gift card
    3rd Position: 50$ Amazon gift card
    4th Position: 20$ Amazon gift card

    To collect your prize, open a ticket and tell us your ID and the email address on which you would like to receive the prize!


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